Have your muscles ever felt “rubbery” after an intense workout? Maybe your legs felt weak and shaky while you were in the midst of a strenuous home improvement project, or after a particularly long jog. That could be your muscles telling you that they are fatigued and need some recovery time. After exercise, your body needs time to normalize your blood pressure, body temperature and blood flow into your muscles. It must also replenish your cellular energy (ATP).

The faster you recover, the harder and longer you may be able to work your muscles without the risk of overtraining. Good hydration and proper nutrition are essential to the recovery process. Bioenergy Ribose also helps to speed muscle tissue recovery after exercise in some important ways:

• If there’s sufficient ribose present in cells or circulating blood, it helps to preserve existing energy compounds in your cells.

• Ribose accelerates energy synthesis. It helps to keep your ATP energy stores more fully stocked.

Ribose can’t be built up in your tissues, or stored in your bloodstream for long periods of time. To get the most benefit, supplement with Bioenergy Ribose immediately before and after exercising.

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