Professional athletes Greg and Laura Bennett work out for a living, and revealed to Colorado’s Best host Joana Canals that their top fitness secret is Bioenergy Ribose. These Team Ribose members, who have competed in the Olympics, Ironman and World Cup competitions, were at KWGN-TV in Denver to share their training and nutrition tips with viewers. They explained that they add Bioenergy Ribose in their morning coffee and take it again before bed each night to help their muscles to relax and recover. “It keeps the battery going all day long,” commented Greg.

Ribose is a five-carbon sugar that our bodies naturally make and use in producing energy molecules (ATP). These world-champion athletes understand that when we push our bodies to their limits, demand for ribose may outpace our ability to make more of it.

The Bennetts also reminded viewers that nutrition is the body’s fuel, and the right nutrition helps you get the most from your training. Their meals include egg whites, turkey, chicken, fish and avocado. They also discussed why they sometimes eat gluten-free foods.

The Bennetts recently announced that they have qualified for the Ironman 5150 (Des Moines, Iowa, September 1st) and 70.3 (Las Vegas, September 8th) World Championships. Qualifying for these events was a priority for each of them for 2013. Laura will also make her full Ironman debut at the North American Ironman Championships (Mont-Tremblant, Canada) on August 18th.