Whether you are just starting a fitness program, or you’ve decided to step it up a few notches, that old phrase “no pain, no gain” doesn’t fly if you’re too sore to move off the couch. Muscle stiffness and pain can keep you from meeting your fitness goals. You probably don’t want to rest for days at a time while your muscles recover from the exertion. Take a tip from professional athletes: try using Bioenergy Ribose to speed up your muscle recovery time.

While some people like that stiff, sore feeling because they think it means they accomplished something, most of us could do without the pain. Olympic and World Cup triathletes Greg and Laura Bennett work out for a living. They are always trying to train harder, and often deal with muscle stiffness and soreness. Their secrets for faster muscle recovery include:

Epsom salt baths. Laura Bennett starts many mornings with an Epsom salt bath to help warm up her muscles. Epsom salts are a combination of magnesium and sulfate, and have been used for generations for their soothing properties.

• Bioenergy Ribose. The Bennetts add Bioenergy Ribose to their morning coffee and take it again before bed each night. Energy recovery and tissue repair are slower in your muscle cells, especially when your energy stores have been depleted. By driving the process that replenishes ATP and other energy components in these cells, ribose helps to shorten recovery time, and to reduce cramping and soreness.

• Light stretches. It only takes about five minutes to increase the nourishing blood flow into your muscles.

• Massages. Massages help to work out the kinks and improve blood flow. There are more than 80 different types of massage styles, so it’s important to talk with the massage therapist about the type of muscle pain you are experiencing, your goals for the massage, and how frequently you might need one. Deep tissue and sports massages are two versions that might be beneficial for exercise-related muscle pain and stiffness.

Here are two more incentives to add Bioenergy Ribose to your daily regimen. Did you know that “delayed onset muscle soreness” – those aches that sometimes don’t show up for a day or two after exertion – is partially caused by energy deprivation? Ribose supplementation can help diminish this common cause of post-workout pain and stiffness.

And, by shortening muscle recovery time and helping you to maintain a higher energy level, you’ll be more apt to stay active. Regular exercise will help to reduce future muscle strains and injuries. That’s how ribose can lead to fitness gains with much less pain!

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