Reacting to headlines, consumers appear to be growing more cautious about their energy product consumption. At least one beverage industry report indicates that sales of two leading caffeine-based energy products have declined considerably. But this doesn’t mean an end to this burgeoning category … just a shift to something better. All-natural Bioenergy Ribose is quickly becoming a favored alternative for regenerating energy.

Unlike caffeine – a stimulant that takes the energy you have and burns through it faster – ribose works with your body’s natural processes to help replace your depleted energy stores. It has also been proven to be safe and effective by many clinical and laboratory studies. In fact, more than 70 scientific publications describe its heart and muscle benefits.

Energizing Without Caffeine

Exercise drains energy for our muscles. The older you get, the harder it can be to recover. Depending on your age and fitness level, a single high-intensity workout session may be enough to sap your energy reserves and lead to muscle stiffness, soreness and fatigue.

An increasing number of beverage manufacturers are choosing to formulate with natural Bioenergy Ribose, the choice of Olympic athletes to optimize their energy levels, because it helps to accelerate energy recovery, reduce muscle stiffness and provide greater endurance. It makes sense: When you don’t fatigue as quickly, you can train harder and longer.

Ribose is a sugar, but not the classic table sugar you might spoon into your tea or coffee (although it tastes great when added to either one). It is something our bodies produce every day to drive energy metabolism. But that manufacturing process slows down in the heart and muscle tissues, particularly after a heavy workout.

Bioenergy Ribose helps to replenish our energy supplies by accentuating the body’s natural energy synthesis. It also helps to reduce energy loss during stress, and accelerates energy and tissue recovery.

Why should you consider stocking up on something containing Bioenergy Ribose instead of large amounts of caffeine? If you exercise regularly – about three or four times a week – you may not be giving your heart and muscles enough rest time between sessions to restore their energy supplies on their own. Keeping your energy pools full by supplementing with ribose will help to keep your heart and muscles in good physiological condition, increase power and endurance, and reduce fatigue.