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Patented, powerful and clinically proven

RiaGev is the first and only commercially available, proprietary compound that uniquely combines Bioenergy Ribose and Vitamin B3. A third-party pharmacodynamics study has demonstrated that RiaGev enters the NAD+ biosynthetic pathway directly and increases NAD+ efficiently throughout the body, including muscle and brain.

Simply put, while there are other NR products out there said to boost NAD production, RiaGev is more efficient. It increases NAD levels faster because it enters the pathway directly, requiring fewer steps to produce NAD.

NAD Biosynthetic Pathways Illustration
Results will soon be shared for the inaugural human controlled clinical trial of Bioenergy RiaGev as a healthy aging ingredient. This trial evaluates blood levels of NAD+ after use, as well as the presence of NADP, GSH/GSSG, ATP/AMP, circulating cortisol, post-prandial blood glucose levels and a quality of life assessment.

Preliminary data from this trial show that RiaGev is safe and well tolerated, as well as readily bioavailable. Previous work in animal models demonstrated that RiaGev efficiently optimizes NAD production.

Clinical Studies

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